Instagram Boutiques : Scam or Nah?

Social media platform Instagram has allowed entrepreneurial business people to bypass brick and mortar and even digital outposts, and sell reasonably priced, custom made pieces to a budget conscious consumer. But while the affordable pieces seem to be trustworthy, it seems more than a few of you have had serious issues with buying through this unregulated channel.


All this scamming is really making it hard for the REAL enterpreneurs who have a legit boutique such as myself. I’ve been running for my boutique almost a year but im very up front with my buyers. My business ( isn’t booming as of yet so everything is pre order BUT I DO HAVE ALL THE CORRECT LICENSES and TAX ID NUMBER TO BUY IN BULK and kill that pre order delay ;hopefully soon. 35% of the people who shop online don’t read and then complain about companies being fraudulent another 25% use Paypal to fraud real companies out of money. I wonder why.


Sigh. This is unfortunate to say the very least. My suggestions for avoiding getting scammed would be: only deal with boutiques with an e-commerce site. If you have to call or e-mail, its not worth the trouble


That said, do your research, look at all the comments on every post, search the store’s hashtag for any bad reviews, and make sure you ask all the questions you can before handing over your cash!
And if you have stories of getting scammed by an Instagram boutique, leave a comment! It’s ok to name names. You won’t get deleted here;)
Happy Shopping!


*The pictures above are used for illustrative purposes, and are not meant to depict that the pieces come from dishonest vendors


22 thoughts on “Instagram Boutiques : Scam or Nah?

  1. This article really helped me. I would always see nice pieces on ig but skeptical about the retailer. I’ve heard my friends complain about the sellers and I would be like “ok I guess I wont be buying off ig”. Anyway girl thanks for this!

  2. This is so true. I was scammed but I blamed myself for not doing more research. I actually purchased a waist trainer corset from an online Instagram boutique. I was very patient and waited for over a month with no response. I emailed and called, but no reply or call back. I eventually read over all the comments. I wasn’t the only person scammed. So I lost over $100, and learned my lesson to always do the homework first. Lol. I’m not knocking any other legitimate companies but as customer’s please be aware. Thanks for this post.

  3. Beware of!! The owner, Jessica Zamarron AKA ADAMLOVIE, got her website sit down from be commerce site, BigCartel, due to shady business practices causing numerous formal complaints. She would take months to complete the orders and then when someone complains, she deletes the comments and blames her ex. Former customers created two websites to warn future clients that they may never get their bikinis or dresses!

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  5. I bought these two dresses that for horribly and I sent them back. I emailed the company saying that I was returning and I also gave the tracking number and I got an auto-response smashing I will be contacted within 48 hours and it has been well over that. I even checked the tracking number myself and the package was delivered a while ago. I even reported them to the BBB because they would not respond to my messages and they blocked me when I said their website was a scam.

  6. I shop A LOT. Well, I did but have cut down a lot. I thought about getting into wholesale years ago, before everyone and their mama decided to join. Since I shop or window shop often I notice inconsistencies. These scammers have several tricks.

    1.) Click bait. They Steal others photos and claim that they sell that item, but if you check out their site they don’t carry it. It is just used to get you to their site. If there is no consistency in models or everyone’s head is cut off, you might not want to give them any money.

    2.) Stealing others pictures, claiming that the models are theirs. Many will cut the heads off of the models or all the heads are cut off every one that wears their clothes.

    3.) They won’t tag anyone who wears “their” clothes. Even when that person is well-known and you can easily check their page for the outfit info.

    4.) They copy clothing designed by others. Correction, they attempt to copy. Many don’t ever show the actual product until it arrives in the mail, if it arrives at all.

    I’ve left comments (very polite ones if you ask me) and was blocked immediately. A legitimate store wouldn’t block you for asking to see the actual item they are selling. I was just blocked for not saying anything just merely tagging the designer on a picture that was being used on a scammers page. They immediately blocked me and then claimed I blocked them and was seeking attention by tagging the true designer. They even changed the caption to state that it was “inspo” or inspiration after the fact. Although they never tagged the person’s photo that they stole. Instagram sure does make it easy. It hasdefinitely made me skeptical of everyone except the brick & mortar stores.

    Also, if a Instagram store has way too much inspiration or scenic pictures, like more than products maybe be weary. If the owner posts nothing but selfies and their dinner but tell you to buy their mysterious product, be skeptical.

  7. I am a frequent online shopper.I have made a few purchases from IG boutiques .I only have one bad experience. I purchased a item Mar 2 from Melanie @luvtoshine. I have not received the ordered item or a refund. I have emailed her repeatedly but no response Lesson learned. Do not order from @luvtoshine. Good article BTW

  8. I’ve only purchased from one retailer on IG and received my products as advertised so I will consider myself lucky. Thanks for this article tho.

  9. I have had more positive experiences with IG, but I did succumb to one negative experience: DO NOT SHOP with Bossy Snob. The owner is Jacquita Morrison and the whole setup is a complete scam. I should have read the reviews before shopping here and I would have known better.

  10. Zxbrandsltd on Instagram is a scam, took £270 of my hard earned cash blocked me & is still trading..
    Don’t understand how they can go on so long!

    Stay away!!

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