First impression is EVERYTHING. Lets work together to make yours memorable!


CLOSET Organizer

Takes place inside the home. It gives me a chance to analyze your current wardrobe, see what is lacking and fill in the missing pieces. It is an opportunity to get rid of all the things you no longer wear, the things that no longer fit, and the items that are simply outdated. From here, you can gain a better understanding of how to work with what is already in your wardrobe and build a solid foundation to work with for your future purchases. Prices starting at $75/hr


 Virtual Styling

Have a wedding you need to attend, maybe a very important job interview that you need to look the part for? I will make sure you get the right outfit on your budget! Virtual Styling Assistance starting at $45 a look

Includes a complete look from head to toe and a list of where you can buy all the items.



Once PayPal invoice is paid services will begin

As a bonus I can create a lookbook of outfits customed for your budget. I’ll have it detailed down to what accesories to wear and where to wear it . Think of it like an outfit calendar. 5 day lookbook $65 , 10 day lookbook $100

Thanks for taking the time to GLOW,
Tesha Sherie

Contact me at to get started



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