Emmy Awards 2014 Fashion Favorites

Keke Palmer proves your never to young to be regal in a cobalt blue trumpet gown by Rubin Singer.

Christian Siriano REALLY out did himself this year. I was amazed at every gown I saw , its like the greatness never stopped. His designs scream fun and vibrant yet elegant.

Teyonah Parris (Mad Man)

Sara Hyland (Modern Family)

SN: Isn’t it amazing! These 3 ladies went to school together, hustled for acting jobs together and now they’re all on Emmy-nominated shows and worked the red carpet together! Dreams come true people! Dream big, as big as you want! Hustle hard, pray, stay healthy and hustle and pray some more. 6 years ago these ladies were “nobodies”. Now they’re on Mad Men and Orange is the new black! Its in you , you have to work hard. Really hard.


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