The MISeducation of a Fashion Blogger

“Sometimes it seems
We’ll touch that dream
But things come slow or not at all
And the ones on top, won’t make it stop
So convinced that they might fall
Let’s love ourselves then we can’t fail
To make a better situation
Tomorrow, our seeds will grow
All we need is dedication.” – Lauryn Hill

Sitting in a Brooklyn nail salon getting pampered for the upcoming events for Fashion Week in New York (Sept 6 2014) …..and it popped in my head IM HERE , I LIVE HERE. Being a up and coming blogger from Vegas who left it all to move to the concrete jungle….. to live out my DREAMS!



Ive ALWAYS loved writing and pictures and when social media took off a million of ladies and gents such as myself found it cool to have an outlet and a audience for our hobby. Ill admit I was shy in the being , I mean I was a shy writer who didn’t like to be in the pictures I took as much as I liked to take them. So I studied blogging… YES I studied blogging. I spent nights on my favorite bloggers fb pages and YouTube getting a feel for this new social media craze. I credit MsVaughn , Fashionbombdaily ,Bambisarmoire , All Things Slim and StylejunkYard for be helpful , uplifting and just down right humble and genuine ladies .

What I didn’t know was a lot of the bloggers thought they where real celebrities. I mean just cause they dress up and have a lot of likes …were they better than me? I was a little taken back im not gonna lie and the hood in me wanted to read some of these Facebook/Instgram personalities for filth but instead I vowed to always be there for the next up and coming blogger and just HELP anyway I could. Mainly because I know to well how it feels to have your message read but never responded to ( thanks FB and IG). That alone can really do something to your mind and you start second guessing it like is this what you really want to do.

In true Tesha fashion I didn’t give up and dived in head first. Consistency is the key to blogging ….they crave that fix. Fast forward to now after 2 years I have close to 15,000 followers , Fashion Editor of Da-sh Magazine and finishing my internship at Vibe Vixen Magazine. All this from Blogging! How did blogging get me here you ask…..


After blogging and writing it came to me that I wanted to not just blog but write and get paid for it . So I said to myself “im young and free let me move to NY and see what the Big Apple has to offer a Vegas chick.” I made the move June 2013 and never looked back and THANK GOD my sister came for the ride cause I wouldn’t have done it alone. Now my email is filled with event invitations ……but am I happy? Did I make a mistake moving here? Is NY really whats it cracked up to be?


Stay Tuned

But I will say I came , I Saw , I Conquered! I really found myself and learned about what path I really want to take in life …..with that being said I don’t have to live in New York to live the dream … Living , Im happy and im doing what I love. Anyone reading this is a dream

2 thoughts on “The MISeducation of a Fashion Blogger

  1. This has to be one of the best pieces I read on your blog! I love the honesty! I’m glad there’s still humble and down to earth people like you in the blogging community. I’m also most thankful and happy I got to know you! keep it up girl!!!!!!

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