T And Kay Take Houston

I’m out that H-town coming coming down
I’m coming down, drippin’ candy on the ground
H, H-Town, Town, I’m coming down
Coming, coming down, dripping candy on the ground – Beyonce

My sister Kay decided this year she wanted to celebrate her birthday in Houston, Texas. The death of Sandra Bland definitely overshadowed our trip , there were nights i couldnt even sleep. Knowing i was in the same state her death happened ….definitely bothered me 😢😢

We made of the most of our 4 day vacation. We saw family , ate good , shopped , and definitely relaxed. The humidity was crazy but it wasn’t that bad coming from this Vegas burning heat.




2 piece set can be pre order at eccentricglow@hotmail.com


Eating at the World’s Famous Pappadueax



Dress can be pre ordered at eccentricglow@hotmail.com


Went Clubbin at Drinks Houston. 5 different rooms with 5 different types of music

Im locing my hair , so im rocking a custom made wig with my Eccentric GLOW Malaysian Curly hair. Order yours today at eccentricglow@hotmail.com

You definitely need mosquito repellent in Houston , we got ate up something serious.

We stayed at Aloft Houston and loved every minute of it. The front desk staff were everything to my soul , just sweet as pie and VERY HELPFUL YET REMAINED PROFESSIONAL. They have a bar and a pool table in the lobby. I even ran into Shekinah crazy self

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