2016 Goals

Happy New Year GLOWERS!

2015 – my year of divine transformation. As i grow im refining my whole being… im a work in progress but still his masterpiece ‪ … He used 2015 to prepare me for GREATER !!!

Highs of 2015:
●Moved back to Las Vegas from NY
●Receiving clarity on what my purpose is and letting go of other things that didn’t serve me any longer.
●My dreads locing after 7 months

Lows of 2015:
●2015 did come with some lows. My Granny is sick, I won’t go into too much detail to respect her privacy but I know God is a healer and can perform miracles. I was a complete wreck for a while but God is faithful and my Granny is a fighter.

●My cousin/brother took his life Oct 20 , so ive been a real wreck…the whole family has been but i smile to hide the pain.


I am sooooo excited for this year. I am not the one for resolutions but I do believe in setting goals for myself.

2016 Goals
●Be in the best shape of my life. I know, I know everyone wants to lose weight for the New Year. I put on some serious weight. 25 pounds to be exact. I am the heaviest I have ever been and I am so uncomfortable in my skin. So please stay tune as I share what works for me along my journey to get fit.

●I am very excited about writing more on eccentricglow.com when. My goal is to be consistent with blog post AND with my new YouTube channel. Yes, finally I know. I had full intentions in the past to post more videos but my life was just all over the place and the right equipment is costly (still is…ill use my phone for now https://www.gofundme.com/osfhys ).

●2016 will be a school year and im jumping for joy about that. Im starting Esthetician school and i couldnt be more excited. For years ive battled with myself on rather i should go to school for journalism or esthetician. Both are my passions but skin care sends me on a whole new high ive never experienced and lets be real you dont need a degree to write…. in my opinion.

I encourage you all to set goals for yourselves as well. I hope you all follow me on my journey as I complete all of mine throughout the year.

Tesha xoxo

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