Fashion & Style 411 : JazmineLatisha

Im BACKKKK with the first Fashion & Style 411 interview of 2016 🎉🎊

Im feel so honored when bloggers actually respond to my request to interview them for Eccentric GLOW.

Meet Jazmine a Chicago teacher by day and fashionista and blogger by night. Whose website , is synonymous with Eccentric , youthful and femininity; think closet classics and bold colors. The way Jazmine styles her ensembles would make any reality personality think twice , they ooze class. Jazmine will be sharing her fashion and style with the whole EG community – get ready to your wardrobe in #FORMATION!


Question 1: So when’s the first time you fell in love with FASHION?

Ahh, what a good question!  I don’t think I actually fell in love with fashion until high school.  Before then, most of the schools I attended were uniform schools so they didn’t really allow us, the students, to express ourselves in that way.  I’ve always loved fashion though for as long as I can remember.  But, I don’t think I was able to REALLY fall in love with it until I was actually able to wear and express myself freely on a daily basis. 

Question 2 : Do you have a signature STYLE?

No, I don’t believe I do.  I feel like style, for me, is ever-changing.  I wouldn’t even want to box myself into one style by even saying I do.  I literally style myself based upon how I’m feeling that day.  One day you may see me and I’m in a formal dress, with 6 inch heels, and the very next day you’ll see me with ripped jeans and sneakers on.  That’s just how different and versatile my style is. 


Question 3: Who is your favorite DESIGNER?

Currently I’m really feeling Oliver Rousteing, the designer for Balmain, but if we’re being honest, I really don’t believe I have a favorite.  I’m really not a big label person.  I tend to just buy it, if I like it, and honestly as with my style, it changes constantly for me. 

Question 4 : Who is your current STYLE crush? 

Ohh, I absolutely adore BrooklynBlonde’s style!  It’s something about her style selections, that just mesh seamlessly with my mine and what I like.  She’s amaze 🙂


Question 5: How do you pick the ensembles you display?

I first think about where I’m going, then I try to piece together something that will be both appropriate and fab for that place.  Sometimes I have to try things on just to make sure it looks right, and other times I have to change because I’m not feeling some part of the outfit. lol I know I’m not the only one! But, the biggest thing I think to putting looks together is making sure that it showcases your own personal style or flavor.  

Question 6 : What are some of your favorite boutiques to get your fashionable pieces?

I literally shop some of everywhere!  A few of my go-to places include Zara, Akira, H&M, and Urban Outfitters.  If we’re talking online, which is where I do a great deal of shopping, my go-to places include NastyGal, Asos, and Forever21.  (I find that Forever21 has a better selection online). 

Question  7 : I personally follow and adore you.  I think its dope how you have Clothes and Fros. How did that start?

You’re sweet!  Thanks so much, I really appreciate it!  ClothesandFros started because I wanted to put something out in the universe to inspire.  Inspire people.  Inspire individuality.  Inspire creativity.  I am a fully natural girl, so I thought it would be a good idea to also include hair in my blog, since it is also one of my passions.  I hope my blog helps people to feel good about who they are and helps to give people the courage to express themselves in any way that they see fit! 🙂


Follow Jazmine on IG at JazmineLatisha
Don’t forget to check out her website

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