Are you TUNED IN???

Ive been smitten lately with these Youtubers and the great content they showcase. Everything From Black Love to Everyday Life is what you can assure youll get when in tune into Yolanda Renee and MsVaughnTV channels. Both ladies are the typical “Girl Next Door” with a dash of “Around the Way Girl” such as myself. But after consideration maybe Vaughn is the “Girl Next Door” and Yolanda is the “Around the Way Girl ” either way i see apart of me in them and i can totally relate to the content. Both channels chronicles the lives of hardworking women with their familes in the everyday world not glitz and glam but raw uncut natural REALNESS…..

MsVaughnTV shares her journey as a Newlywed , Expecting mom , Marketing Maven , and Natural Youtuber with a flare for Bohemian Fashion. I totally can relate to Vaughn on so many levels because i too love bohemian fashion , am a naturalista and soon to Youtuber. We as viewers are attracted to whats quality content in our eyes and whats more your rate as far as similarities. She’s that Chicago chick who speaks her mind but not ratchet very classy and eloquent. I’ve enjoyed following her journey on YouTube and was very please with the Vlog Series “My Life Offline” and now her very own Vlog on her channel titled ” My Real Life”
Are you TUNED IN?

Meet The Becks – Devon , Yolanda , Taylor and Skylar is the YouTube version of The Cosbys. Its like watching a real good family oriented show that you just dont want to stop but you can’t wait to see the next episode. I was so excited to see Black Family Love on YouTube…..Its so inspiring and reassures me of my main goal to wait for love before I start a family. Taylor and Sky sends my ovaries into over drive. Sky is all Devon and Taylor is all Yolanda – One of Each. They show us recipes , natural hair tutorials , family time etc. Taylor loves helping cook and Skylar sings. Devon and Yolanda are raising great respectful young girls. Devon hasnt appeared much on camera but when he does you can feel the love him amd Yolanda share thru the camera. Are you TUNED IN?


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