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Meet Alisha Jones-Cotton a life and style blogger of Alisha’s blog is humorous, empowering, and covered in street art. She was born and raised in the Carolinas so she’s a southern girl at heart. As a military spouse she has enjoyed traveling around the country and finding inspiration everywhere she go. Alisha wants all readers to feel encouraged and confident in their fashionable clothing and throughout their lives.

Question 1: So when’s the first time you fell in love with FASHION?

TrickyVibes – Unlike most bloggers I fell in love with fashion quite recently- I would say even within the past few years. I have always loved reading fashion magazines and modeling but I didn’t fall in love with FASHION until I learned to appreciate my body and feel more confident about my self-worth.

Question 2 : Do you have a signature STYLE?

TrickyVibes – My style is ever-changing! Some days I love classic and timeless looks, and other days I am 90’s grunge. When I wake up every morning I decide how I feel then pick clothes that match! I am sure this sounds silly but its true.

Question 3: Who is your favorite DESIGNER?

TrickyVibes – Its a toss-up between Michael Kors and the design team of H & M. I love a designer with a backstory- and we all know that Michael Kors almost went bankrupt and then re-emerged like a phoenix in the fashion world. H & M is always on top of the latest trends and constantly collaborating with high-end brands (and artists) to make pieces more affordable for all. I am so excited about their collaboration with the The Weeknd in the coming year.

Question 4 : Who is your current STYLE crush?

TrickyVibes – My current style crush is Micah Gianelli, She is an Australian blogger who SLAYS every outfit she puts on! I like her because her style is constantly changing just like mine and she cannot be put into a box.

Question 5: How do you pick the ensembles you display?

TrickyVibes – I am always picking my clothes based on the most flattering pieces and mixing in 1 or 2 trending pieces to make my outfit pop. Fit and trend are first on the list to be picked everyday.

Question 6 : What are some of your favorite boutiques to get your fashionable pieces?

TrickyVibes – I love H&M, also Windsor Store, Azure Boutique, Tj.Maxx, annnd- Target. Target is so affordable but always on trend. I cannot remind folks enough about the goodies I get from Target! Great for basic pieces if you are building a capsule wardrobe.

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