Aerie New Nude Lingerie Collection For A Wide Range Of Skin Tones

Aerie ia becoming one of my favorite brands because of love of body positivity and continuous efforts to help women embrace their true selves.

Via Essence
In 2014, Aerie, which is the lingerie brand from American Eagle, launched a campaign to challenge “supermodel standards” and featured unairbrushed models in their ads. The brand hasn’t retouched its ads ever since.

This week the brand is making another big move — it has launched five nude shades to match a range of skin tones to the Aerie REAL ME Collection. Since nude doesn’t mean just one –or even a few shades — this new range of nudes from Aerie is definitely a win in our opinion. The empowering names of the shade (Honesty, Inspiration, Strength, Energy and Confidence) are an added bonus.

The new nude shades are available in lightly lined bras, briefs and thongs, which are designed with a breathable double knit fabric to provide support and coverage. According to Aerie, each piece is “built to be invisible and give off the ‘barely there’ feel achieving the ultimate comfort for everyday wear.”

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