Erika Alexander: Bill Cosby Wasn’t Who We Thought He Was

Actress Erika Alexander appeared on The Breakfast Club, where she opened up about her career trajectory, playing positive Black roles and what it was like being on The Cosby Show as a teen. When talking about Cosby as Heathcliff Huxtable, Alexander said that his role allowed a generation of parents to see an autonomous way of raising children. “Bill Cosby was the best version of what a Black dad could be,” the 48-year-old said.

She also discussed Cosby’s recent scandals and co-star Lisa Bonet being vocal about his “sinister energy”  on the set of the show.  Alexander agreed that there were “cruel” things she witnessed but talked herself into believing “that’s how adults are” and says she was less fazed because she grew up in a cruel world. “Unfortunately, he wasn’t who we all thought he was,” said the former cast member of the hit sitcom.

Hear her talk about working with Cosby starting at the 17:38 time mark in the video above.

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