Couple Pays Homage To Some Of Black Love Classic Movies For Their Engagement Photo Shoot 💟💟💟

This cute couple photoshoot will inspire you go outside the box in a way you haven’t seen before.

Dannie and Jazmine took their engagement photo shoot to a whole new level by paying tribute to black classic movies that we love…. Might I add Im so in love with this shoot , it was pure genius and BLACK LOVE is written all over it

Bride to Be Jazmine writes:

“You see we have that throwback kind of love… The kind of love that’s sweet as ❤️BROWN SUGAR… The kind of love that after each argument we somehow always find our 🌹POETIC JUSTICE… The type of love that after 13 years we still have a real ❤️LOVE JONES for each other… The type of love that even in the playoff season, it’s always first 🌹LOVE & BASKETBALL later… It’s sorta like the love that is expressed in ❤️JASON’S LYRICS… The type of love you can’t pay forthis love is 🌹JUST WRIGHT!!! Paying homage to the all of the movies that Inspires our Love 💕 ! So excited about our 🤩Hollywood Movie Premiere Bridal shower 6/23! #Bullocked2018 
Thank you so much Sarah Wiley Joyce for bringing our vision to Life you are beyond Incredible 💕”

Congrats to the Beautiful Couple. Thanks For Inspiring Us 💞💞💞

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