‘Sister Circle’ Kiana Dancie Leaves, Trina Braxton The New Co-Host

TV One’s talk show, “Sister Circle,” is changing things up as one of their original co-hosts, Kiana Dancie, announced she will be leaving the show.

In a video posted on her Instagram page, Kiana shared:

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Thanks so much to the cast and crew of @sistercircletv for an #AMAZING EXPERIENCE! Special s/o to @rashanali @absolutelyquad @syleenajohnson & OF COURSE THE PRODUCERS (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE) for helping me create such wonderful memories “down in the circle.” Last but not least, thank you to all of my friends and fans #DANCIEDARLINGS — both old and new alike — who have been so incredibly kind and supportive during this awesome adventure. I’m super excited about my upcoming projects (#BET – ONE CRAZY CHRISTMAS, #KEVINHART #LOL #COMEDY #TOUR #BOOK) and I hope that you’ll all join me in the next step of my journey. #ILOVEYOU💋 immensely and I pray that I've not only created a supporter in you but gained a member of my FANily! #THEEKIANADANCIE 💋 #SISTERCIRCLETV #GODSPLAN #TUESDAY #GRATEFUL #BLESSED #SINGLEINTHECITY #MAMASGIRL❤ #WATCHWHATIDONEXT 👀#YOUSEEME #FRANCHISEE #COMEONNOW @TVONE #CHEERS #BYEBYE #BOOKED #BUSY

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In addition to her stand-up comedy career,  Kiana will be releasing a book and starring in the BET film, “One Crazy Christmas.”

“Braxton Family Values” star, singer and entrepreneur Trina Braxton will join “Sister Circle” as their new co-host.

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Good Morning!!!!! 💋

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Trina has been a guest co-host on the show a few times and executive producer Helen Swanson said she immediately loved her chemistry with the other ladies as well as her “soulfulness.”


10 thoughts on “‘Sister Circle’ Kiana Dancie Leaves, Trina Braxton The New Co-Host

  1. nooooo Not Trina Braxton Please she is so annoying with that whole hand wave thing I don’t even know what that is all about but it is sickening.

  2. I will miss Kiana’s smile and style! I’m not sure what happened, but I wish Kiana the very best! I will truly miss you Kiana!

  3. I am not happy about the change. Kiana was one of the Sister on the show with a different point of view thta i enjoyed. This is what made the show interesting. I thought she brought an element of honesty to the show and her down to earth quality is what would have drawn in young women who might not other wise watch this kind of show. If this decision was made because of rating, then this show is not the kind of quality show i think it could be. I will miss her, she was one of the reason I watched.

  4. No!!! Kiana was so nice and down to earth!! She stood her ground on all topics despite Syleena’s many attempts to beat her down !! Kiana always looked awesome !! I loved her clothes !! Her smile and laugh!! She brightened the set!! Trina not a good fit for the type of audience I thought they wanted. I feel the shows direction will become silly, which is not fair to the other 2 ladies (not Syleena) who are very professional yet poised and relatable. I just can’t with the new line up !!!

  5. Trina is very boring and is most of the time quiet. I’m not sure what the producers saw that justifies her being on the show….I can’t stand her fake accent too. Kiana was ghetto, but if they wanted to replace her they should have made a better choice than Trina.

  6. Kiana is authentic. That alone is a breath of fresh air. So unique and elegant. She stood out. Her presence is missed. The show lost me with this move. Totally foolish.

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