Supa Cent Made $1 Million In Less Than Two Hours, Due To Cyber Monday With Her Cosmetics Line

Y’all I cried tears of joy with Supa Cent this morning watching the famed founder and CEO of The Crayon Case Cosmetics, raked in 1 million dollars with her Cyber Monday sale.

There’s always been a lot of talk about if we supported our own, and the power of the black dollar. Finally, someone put that talk into motion.

Supa Cent is someone who has put in a lot of work and marketing her products. 🗣🗣 Her strategies are impeccable

A personal milestone for Supa Cent was met, when Cyber Monday hit. As usual, she ran her sale, but this time, she had the support of her celebrity friends, and her fans. Their support drove her to $1 million in sales, in just an hour and 30 minutes.

Im still in tears , She deserves this. GOALS AF

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