Remy Ma & Papoose Renew Vows On 10 Years Wedding Anniversary + THEY’RE Pregnant 😍 

Remy Ma and Papoose are such a beautiful example of Real Love and Hip Hop!

The couple, who recently celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary, with a vow renewal in front of family and close friends in an intimate ceremony over-the-weekend.

Remy was a vision so beautiful and angelic in her custom Karen Sabag gown and her Sophia Webster heels!

Remy Ma Is Four Months Pregnant :

Remy Wrote :

Papoose wrote :

Couple Pays Homage To Some Of Black Love Classic Movies For Their Engagement Photo Shoot 💟💟💟

This cute couple photoshoot will inspire you go outside the box in a way you haven’t seen before.

Dannie and Jazmine took their engagement photo shoot to a whole new level by paying tribute to black classic movies that we love…. Might I add Im so in love with this shoot , it was pure genius and BLACK LOVE is written all over it

Bride to Be Jazmine writes:

“You see we have that throwback kind of love… The kind of love that’s sweet as ❤️BROWN SUGAR… The kind of love that after each argument we somehow always find our 🌹POETIC JUSTICE… The type of love that after 13 years we still have a real ❤️LOVE JONES for each other… The type of love that even in the playoff season, it’s always first 🌹LOVE & BASKETBALL later… It’s sorta like the love that is expressed in ❤️JASON’S LYRICS… The type of love you can’t pay forthis love is 🌹JUST WRIGHT!!! Paying homage to the all of the movies that Inspires our Love 💕 ! So excited about our 🤩Hollywood Movie Premiere Bridal shower 6/23! #Bullocked2018 
Thank you so much Sarah Wiley Joyce for bringing our vision to Life you are beyond Incredible 💕”

Congrats to the Beautiful Couple. Thanks For Inspiring Us 💞💞💞

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My Favorite Movie : Things You Didn’t Know About Love Jones

Today is the 20 Year Anniversary of Love Jones

“Who am I? Well, they call me Brotha to the night. And right now, I’m the blues on your left thigh…trying to become the funk in your right…Is that all right?”

If you’re anything like me,Im sure you took his open-ended question and answered it with a resounding, “Hell yeah,” while watching this movie. I do this, every single time. What can I say? I like a man who knows how to use his words

If your a youngin and/or not hip too the backstory of the film beyond its hype, Love Jones tells the story of Darius Lovehall (played by Larenz Tate), a black man who happens to be a poet in Chicago who falls in love with a photographer (played by Nia Long), by the name of Nina Moseley. This dynamic duo (who literally look the exact same way they did 20 years ago, seriously black don’t crack!) take us through the ups and downs of their relationship, reminding us all that even if the perfect relationship doesn’t exist, good love does, and more than that, it’s worth fighting for. Always. Pride can be something serious to swallow, especially in situations where the ego is involved, but I won’t give too much away (in case you haven’t seen it).

I will never forget how Love Jones made me feel ,those scenes left its imprint on our hearts 20 years ago as of today, stood out to me and grabbed me the most. I had never seen anything like it. Unapologetic blackness that was spun in a way where there were expressions of art and creativity that bound these characters together and shaped them individually as they hustled through their day to day life. Characters traded in the stereotypical Hollywood mold of criminality and highlighted a different reality, a reality that was a lot truer to most people.

I didn’t understand the dynamics of #LoveJones when it first came out. By all means; I was ten years old. But I did know that I wanted a love like that….a love that made its way back to me. And even now when I watch Love Jones I catch something new every time and this time I GET IT and I FEEL THEM. Classic movie that speaks to every adult that has experienced some REAL love.

” Let me tell you somethin’. This here, right now, at this very moment, is all that matters to me. I love you. That’s urgent like a motherfucker.” – #DariusLovehall

20 years later ( I was 10 at the time), it’s hard to believe that Love Jones still continues to be a staple in every black family’s DVD collection.

Did You Know :

Jada Pinkett-Smith Was Supposed to Play Nina

As much as we love Nia Long and Larenz Tate together, believe it or not, Jada Pinkett-Smith was originally supposed to play the role of Nina. According to the director, he saw Jada on “A Different World” and felt she brought a different sensibility from other black actresses of her generation, but unfortunately she passed on the script.

The First Ending Was Scrapped Because Black Women Don’t Like To Get Their Hair Wet

The first ending of Love Jones initially had Nia Long standing in the rain while Larenz’s character pleaded for her love. During the screening of the movie, black women offered feedback that this scene was unrealistic because a black woman would never stand in the rain and risk getting her hair wet. Even Witcher had to weigh in on this one:

“We tested the movie, and most of the women in the audience didn’t believe a black woman would stand in the rain with her hair uncovered. This mortified me because we’re going for the big finish and you’re absorbed in this detail of whether her hair would get messed up? The studio [New Line Cinema] said, ‘Reshoot,’ and we shot the scene under an L train track. I wanted to present a woman protagonist without vanity, which I thought would be refreshing, but I guess I failed.”
[…] On the one hand, I thought that was [messed] up and on the other hand I was mad at myself because I thought it was a failure that if I haven’t locked you into this movie by this point such that some minor plot inconsistency is taking you out of the movie, then I have failed as a filmmaker. Apparently, for black women, the rain was a bridge too far … and the studio’s like, “Well, I guess we’re reshooting the ending. That’s for sure.”
I was really upset at that. Really upset. Really. Just thinking about it, I remember getting those cards back and reading comment after comment after comment about the hair and I was, like, “The … hair? Are you kidding me? Really? Her hair?” Apparently, “Yes. Really, …yes, her hair. Get it right. Yes.”

Love Jones Was Considered a Flop

Everybody and their mama has seen Love Jones and despite the popularity amongst the African-American community, many have considered Love Jones to be a flop by Hollywood standards because the film only grossed $12 million at the box office. There were many reasons that attributed to the low box office numbers included the film’s characters of “black intellectuals and creatives” was a different spin on the gangster movies that had gained popularity during that time. Actor Isiah Washington blames the lower than expected box office numbers on the black community not being fully ready for a black love or romance movie

“Talk that talk honey. Walk that walk, money. High on legs that’ll spite Jehovah…”

10 Ways ‘Living Single’ Was Way Ahead Of Its Time

Living Single is definitely one of my favorite shows hands down. Who remembers that Thursday night lineup growing up? Every character brought something different to the show but Maxine Shaw was always my favorite. Kyle and Max chemistry and jokes were EPIC and Original. Regine would definitely be the TOP Fashion Youtuber these days , her fashion was SLAYING and ALWAYS ON POINT….she taught me so much. Here why they were ahead of they time.


Via HelloBeautiful
In celebration of the 23rd anniversary of the iconic show, we remember all the ways Living Single was ahead of its time.

The hit sitcom Living Single broke boundaries when it debuted in 1993. It was the first time we saw four successful Black women living in all their intricacies. For five seasons, we dated, cried, and laughed with characters Khadijah, Synclaire, Régine, and Max while they navigated the single girls’ world.


In celebration of the 23rd anniversary of the iconic show, we remember all the ways Living Single was ahead of its time.

It Showcased Black Women As Entrepreneurs:

Régine Had The Wig Game On Lock

Long before Kylie Jenner claimed she made wigs famous, Régine was a proud wig-wearing diva, known for switching up her hair as frequently as she changed underwear.

It Featured An All-Black Cast

Prime time never looked so good. When Living Single debuted in 1993, there were only a few all-Black casts on TV, none of which were led by Black women.

Black Women Living Life Sexually Free

Whether you were gushing over Obie and Synclaire’s juvenile chemistry or getting your fix when Max shamelessly hooked up with Kyle, watching Black women explore their sexuality on TV was unprecedented.

It Shattered Beauty Stick-Figure Standards

During a time when most actresses were stick-thin, Khadijah shattered beauty standards with her curvy frame.

It Put A Black Female Lawyer On TV

Maxine wasn’t just the hungry friend (though she enjoyed eating more than average), she represented so much more. She was a badass, Black attorney and didn’t let you forget it.

Black Romance

It was hard not to adore Obie and Synclaire’s relationship as we watched them grow individually and together every week. Their quirky romance reminded us there’s someone out there for everyone.

Being A Successful Career Woman With An Active Dating Life

Contrary to popular belief, being a successful working woman doesn’t mean you can’t have an active and equally successful dating life. Khadijah never had problems getting a man.

What Black Sisterhood Looks Like

Despite the foolish and catty behavior seen on reality TV today, Living Single portrayed Black women in our natural light: as confidants, hard-workers, and supportive women who uplift one another.

Being Single & Proud

There wasn’t an episode of Living Single that didn’t provide man candy. From Morris Chestnut to Cress Williams (Scooter), the ladies dated all the fine Black men.

” Love Jones ” The Musical is on the way – Starring Musiq Soulchild , Chrisette Michele and more 😍


A stage rendition of the classic romantic drama ‘Love Jones’ is headed our way.

While our beloved Nia Long and Larenz Tate won’t be reprising their theatrical roles in this production, the cast is comprised of Musiq Soulchild, Chrisette Michelle, Marsha Ambrosius, Dave Hollister and Raheem DeVaughn.

Theodore Witcher who wrote and directed the theatrical version is also responsible for writing this musical .

MC Lyte made the announcement via Instagram. Check out all the details below.


Are you TUNED IN???

Ive been smitten lately with these Youtubers and the great content they showcase. Everything From Black Love to Everyday Life is what you can assure youll get when in tune into Yolanda Renee and MsVaughnTV channels. Both ladies are the typical “Girl Next Door” with a dash of “Around the Way Girl” such as myself. But after consideration maybe Vaughn is the “Girl Next Door” and Yolanda is the “Around the Way Girl ” either way i see apart of me in them and i can totally relate to the content. Both channels chronicles the lives of hardworking women with their familes in the everyday world not glitz and glam but raw uncut natural REALNESS…..

MsVaughnTV shares her journey as a Newlywed , Expecting mom , Marketing Maven , and Natural Youtuber with a flare for Bohemian Fashion. I totally can relate to Vaughn on so many levels because i too love bohemian fashion , am a naturalista and soon to Youtuber. We as viewers are attracted to whats quality content in our eyes and whats more your rate as far as similarities. She’s that Chicago chick who speaks her mind but not ratchet very classy and eloquent. I’ve enjoyed following her journey on YouTube and was very please with the Vlog Series “My Life Offline” and now her very own Vlog on her channel titled ” My Real Life”
Are you TUNED IN?

Meet The Becks – Devon , Yolanda , Taylor and Skylar is the YouTube version of The Cosbys. Its like watching a real good family oriented show that you just dont want to stop but you can’t wait to see the next episode. I was so excited to see Black Family Love on YouTube…..Its so inspiring and reassures me of my main goal to wait for love before I start a family. Taylor and Sky sends my ovaries into over drive. Sky is all Devon and Taylor is all Yolanda – One of Each. They show us recipes , natural hair tutorials , family time etc. Taylor loves helping cook and Skylar sings. Devon and Yolanda are raising great respectful young girls. Devon hasnt appeared much on camera but when he does you can feel the love him amd Yolanda share thru the camera. Are you TUNED IN?


Thanks for taking the time to GLOW,