Fashion & Style 411 : JazmineLatisha

Im BACKKKK with the first Fashion & Style 411 interview of 2016 🎉🎊

Im feel so honored when bloggers actually respond to my request to interview them for Eccentric GLOW.

Meet Jazmine a Chicago teacher by day and fashionista and blogger by night. Whose website , is synonymous with Eccentric , youthful and femininity; think closet classics and bold colors. The way Jazmine styles her ensembles would make any reality personality think twice , they ooze class. Jazmine will be sharing her fashion and style with the whole EG community – get ready to your wardrobe in #FORMATION!


Question 1: So when’s the first time you fell in love with FASHION?

Ahh, what a good question!  I don’t think I actually fell in love with fashion until high school.  Before then, most of the schools I attended were uniform schools so they didn’t really allow us, the students, to express ourselves in that way.  I’ve always loved fashion though for as long as I can remember.  But, I don’t think I was able to REALLY fall in love with it until I was actually able to wear and express myself freely on a daily basis. 

Question 2 : Do you have a signature STYLE?

No, I don’t believe I do.  I feel like style, for me, is ever-changing.  I wouldn’t even want to box myself into one style by even saying I do.  I literally style myself based upon how I’m feeling that day.  One day you may see me and I’m in a formal dress, with 6 inch heels, and the very next day you’ll see me with ripped jeans and sneakers on.  That’s just how different and versatile my style is. 


Question 3: Who is your favorite DESIGNER?

Currently I’m really feeling Oliver Rousteing, the designer for Balmain, but if we’re being honest, I really don’t believe I have a favorite.  I’m really not a big label person.  I tend to just buy it, if I like it, and honestly as with my style, it changes constantly for me. 

Question 4 : Who is your current STYLE crush? 

Ohh, I absolutely adore BrooklynBlonde’s style!  It’s something about her style selections, that just mesh seamlessly with my mine and what I like.  She’s amaze 🙂


Question 5: How do you pick the ensembles you display?

I first think about where I’m going, then I try to piece together something that will be both appropriate and fab for that place.  Sometimes I have to try things on just to make sure it looks right, and other times I have to change because I’m not feeling some part of the outfit. lol I know I’m not the only one! But, the biggest thing I think to putting looks together is making sure that it showcases your own personal style or flavor.  

Question 6 : What are some of your favorite boutiques to get your fashionable pieces?

I literally shop some of everywhere!  A few of my go-to places include Zara, Akira, H&M, and Urban Outfitters.  If we’re talking online, which is where I do a great deal of shopping, my go-to places include NastyGal, Asos, and Forever21.  (I find that Forever21 has a better selection online). 

Question  7 : I personally follow and adore you.  I think its dope how you have Clothes and Fros. How did that start?

You’re sweet!  Thanks so much, I really appreciate it!  ClothesandFros started because I wanted to put something out in the universe to inspire.  Inspire people.  Inspire individuality.  Inspire creativity.  I am a fully natural girl, so I thought it would be a good idea to also include hair in my blog, since it is also one of my passions.  I hope my blog helps people to feel good about who they are and helps to give people the courage to express themselves in any way that they see fit! 🙂


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5 Hated Fashion Trends


One would certainly argue whether fashion is art. It’s a way of expression. Whether grown and sexy, mature and intellectual or insecure and youthful; fashion is what each individual wants it to be. It’s a creative being that allows each artist to adapt, incorporate and invent. But trends? 

Aaah….trends. You know the good ole marketing ploy to get us to the mall more times often than we need to. If you haven’t figured out by now, I’m totally not the trendy type. I mean…I’m not in the malls biweekly checking for the latest and greatest products pushed by mass fashion retailers. I’m just much more interested in wearing what I like, which happens to not be dictated by designers, magazines and retail giants. Let’s also keep in mind that many trends throughout the history of fashion has morphed into timeless classics. So one could certainly argue that every fashion staple was once a trend. But for the sake of this discussion, I’m talking modern day fashion trends which many have made countless debuts on fashion faux lists. There’s a reason why I hate them. Or maybe five reasons. Here’s the rundown.


There’s No Individuality | Everyone looks the same. I am a huge fan of individualism. I’m drawn to all things authentically creative and original. Thank goodness for options like local boutiques, vintage thrift and consignment shops and the talents of local up and coming designers. Surely you can take the same Zara blazer and sandals and put your own creative spin on it right? How is that for SNATCHED. But where there is a lack of individuality in fashion; there is personality, our outlook on the world and our sense of humor to compensate. There is hope. unpretentious


It’s All About the Money | Yes. What better way to stimulate the economy semiannually than scouring the local malls and luxury department stores for new trends fresh off the runway from New York Fashion Week? Ooh,  brocade, metallics and radiant orchid is in this season—-let me race on down to Neimans. No thanks. I’ve got better things to do with  my money than trying to keep up with what the industry says I should be wearing to appear “cool”. Besides….it’s much much cheaper to dress me than to feed me. This pestatarian has got to eat. LOL. No but seriously….thank goodness for the thrifting phenomenon, outlets and discount stores. As I become older and what I’d like to think wiser, I’ve become a more conscious and fiscally responsible consumer.


They Date | One minute they’re in and the next minute they’re out. I really don’t have time to keep up. If you go through your closet and do an  inventory and many of your clothes still have the original tags affixed; some of those items may more than likely be on the trendier side and were once in but have now lost their popularity. All the reasons to opt for more classics and less trends.

 Not All Trends Should be Followed | They instill a false sense of security. Some trends are simply unbecoming. Simply put. To the 60+ year old rocking a crop top, no bueno! I recently saw a 40+ year old woman sporting a pair of see-through leggings with camel toe. “Nothing makes a person look so old than trying desperately to look young”-Chanel. Some trends are specific to age, body type and even personality. So yes, they aren’t for everyone.They’re Simply Boring!


Let’s face it, fashion should be fun. Don’t fall victim to it (I think I’ll watch The Devil Wears Prada this weekend). You’ll end up spending lots of money to replace perfectly good clothes. What isn’t Eccentric GLOW is  stepping into bankruptcy court with your Chanel bag, Christian Louboutin pumps and YSL scarf. Great style isn’t only reserved for those with access to high-end luxury. It’s ultimately about a creative sense that comes from within; while keeping an open mind for inspiration. It can come from some of the most unexpected and inexpensive places.

Thanks for taking the time to GLOW
Tesha xoxo