Make Me Over ♧ Make Up For Beginners

I’m not a makeup artist. I wasn’t trained in cosmetology. But, I’ve always loved makeup and i know how to apply mine to my liking. Many of my associates already came to me for advice and I love sharing my favorite products or simple tricks to make your makeup routine easier. I always say “I can do both” and “if you wear make up it doesnt mean you think your naturally ugly , it enhances what you have”. So I made this video a look that is simple to recreate. Hacks everyone could find helpful and useful.

Check it out

ColourPop Is Headed To Sephora

Colourpop Is moving on up?!

Have you heard the news? ColourPop is headed to Sephora!


The line is partnering with Sephora to launch an exclusive line in November. Keep an eye out for updates and sneak peeks!


What do you think it is, any guesses?


I was curious to know how this line will coincide with their existing products i.e. formulation, price, etc.

But from their latest Instagram live they stated “Prices are staying the same, formula staying the same, still manufacturing everything in their factory in California.”  


8 Black Owned Cosmetics Companies

With dreams and goals to release a few books and lipstick line in 2017 . I rather take my time and test the different products before rushing. That being said, there are so many black owned cosmetics companies we can and should be supporting like yesterday .

Given the current state of things going on in the world, many people are asking ,”what can we do?,” and the answer is and will continue to be: money ( capitalism). Therefore, I felt it was very necessary to bring to you just a random 8 from this growing list of black-owned cosmetics companies we can all begin supporting today:

Coloured Raine Cosmetics


Juvia’s Place


Gold Label Cosmetics


Sasha Cosmetics


The LipBar






Cake Cosmetics