Mo’Nique To Steve Harvey: ‘You Have Been a Problem’

Steve Harvey and Mo’Nique sat down for a discussion about Mo’s many controversies — and the conversation itself needs a 2nd one.

Here’s how it went down, via E!:

For starters, Mo’Nique wanted to express her “hurt” after learning Steve had spoken publicly about her.

“We got labeled as difficult because I said one word and that was no. I said no to some very powerful people. I said no to Oprah Winfrey. I said no to Tyler Perry. I said no to Lee Daniels and I said no to Lionsgate,” she explained on Wednesday’s show. “And the difficulty came in when people that looked like me—like Oprah, Tyler, Lee and I got to put my brother Steve on the list—you all knew I was not wrong. Each one of you said to me, ‘Monique you are not wrong’ and when I heard you go on the air and you said, ‘My sister burnt too many bridges and there’s nothing I can do for her now,’ Steve do you know how hurt I was?”

Steve replied, “I thought you went about it wrong. I felt that you had done yourself a disservice by the way you chose to go about it.”

Over the years, Mo’Nique has claimed that she was blackballed by Hollywood after she refused to campaign for her Oscar-winning film Precious without additional pay. She alleged that some big names attempted to silence her during her pursuit of equality.

At one point in the discussion, Steve admitted that he probably should have called Mo’Nique before talking so publicly.

“I’ve got a lot of stuff going on so I didn’t. When I did call you, I listened to you,” he shared. “But I began telling you at the very beginning, I think we’re going about this the wrong way. Now we keep saying stuff in the interim that keeps making it worse….It’s making it worse. The fact that we’re sitting here arguing like this.”

Mo’Nique, however, didn’t want to call it an argument. Instead, she called it a “conversation.”

“I’ve had to understand how to agree to disagree without being upset and that’s the thing,” she added when supporting her residency at the SLS Las Vegas. “I disagree with my brother. I’m not upset with you. I love you.”

Through their disagreements, Steve wanted to make it clear that he loves Mo’Nique like a sister. In addition, he wants her to succeed in whatever she wants to accomplish in Hollywood.

“I hate what’s happening to you. I hate what they’re saying that’s not true. I want them to know that you are caring, that you’re a great mother, that you’re an incredible talent,” he proclaimed. “I don’t like the fact that you’ve been blackballed. You can be un-blackballed. You’re too talented to have to worry about all of this.”

Before their discussion came to a close, Steve shared that he will try to facilitate conversations between Mo’Nique and “these people” in hopes for open dialogue.

“These people owe you an apology. You owe those people an apology,” he shared. “Then we can move forward.”

Steve added, “Looking back on it, I should have picked up the phone and called you more readily. I probably should have done it. Moving forward, as your big brother, I just want to help you Mo. I swear to God. I didn’t come here to bash you. I love you. I wish you well and let’s heal this thing and move forward so the world can see how great we all are.”

So what did people think of the interview? On Wednesday afternoon, “Steve Harvey” began to trend on Twitter with many criticizing the talk-show host. 

I Love me some Mo , she tells it like it is!

Mo’Nique On Whoopi Goldberg : ‘She Has Always Been the Help’

Mo’Nique sat down for an interview with Vulture a year after she asked for us to boycott Netflix and held nothing back.

It’s a long read , but she did go into detail about her on going feud with Whoopi Goldberg after she appeared on The View last year.

Check out this excerpt:

After you announced your Netflix boycott, you went on radio shows like The Breakfast Club and Sway in the Morning to explain what had happened. Then when you appeared on The View, Whoopi Goldberg told you?

“I’m going to stop you because, contractually, when you make a movie, regardless of who you sign the deal with, your job is to go and promote said movie.” She continued saying, “And we’ve had this conversation, and I said if you had called me I could’ve schooled you on what was expected.” When I sat there on that platform on The View, I felt sorry. I had empathy for my sister Whoopi Goldberg. Because what you’re saying to me is, “You must work for free. I could’ve schooled you.” The very thing I went to The View to speak about was the very thing I experienced on The View. You give me three minutes to talk about inequality? Well, I was there the whole show. When you have a woman saying, “I could have schooled you,” someone would say, “What was the schooling going to be?” When I look at this woman you say is our icon and our legend — she is. But, how many things has Whoopi Goldberg executive produced? Whoopi Goldberg has always been the help, and I say that humbly. So what is it that you’re going to school me on? I’ve been doing it for almost 30 years.

This is a woman who says “I could have schooled you,” and this is a woman who accepted Ted Danson in blackface, and our community praises this woman. So oftentimes, we do it to ourselves. But, I just can’t. Understand, I love my sister. However, when you know you’re being fed the wrong food, you must say, “I can’t chew this, y’all.”

Was there ever an opportunity to address Whoopi privately? I feel like a lot of these things kept happening publicly.
Whoopi and I did have a conversation after that. I was up in Whoopi Goldberg’s dressing room — and you’re the first person I’m telling this to. I said to Whoopi Goldberg, “Listen, sister.” Because she said, “Mo’Nique, you gotta let that go. You gotta move on. People just wanna see what’s going to happen to you next.” I said, “Whoopi, I can’t let it go. I gotta think about the little sister who’s not here yet.” And our icon and our legend said, “You better stop worrying about the little sister who’s not here yet and worry about you.” In that moment I knew I was looking at a woman who didn’t give a damn about me. And if she’s telling me, “Stop worrying about that little girl who not here yet,” well, she forgot about the ones that came before her who were worried about her.

Read Interview Here

I really hate too see our legends disagree😏 No one wins when the family feuds