Fashion and Style 411 : Filthy Chic

There’s nobody in the world that knows me better than my sister. ~Tia Mowry

Atlanta Sisters Keelia and Tamra are the stylish duo Filthy Chic.


Question 1: So whens the first time you fell in love with FASHION?

Keelia/Tamra: We have been fashion lovers for most of our lives. Our mother and grandmother would take us on weekend shopping trips to the mall. We would literally stay all day: from the time the mall opened until the stores were closing. We enjoyed every moment and we quickly became professional shoppers and fashionistas.

Question 2: Do you have a signature STYLE?
As sisters and being very close in age, we have grown up dressing alike, but as we have gotten older we have both established our own personal style.

Keelia: My style tends to be more classic and with pops of trends. Think Grace Kelly meets Rihanna. Most of my wardrobe consists on skirts, dress and blazers. I love to pair a classic midi skirt with a trendy crop top. That is definitely my summer go to outfit.

Tamra: My style varies depending on my mood and how I am feeling at the moment. Like most women I go through periods of being super trendy but I also have times where I dress for comfort. So do I have a signature style? No not really because I feel style, like most things in life, is a journey.

Question 3: Who is your favorite DESIGNER?
Keelia/Tamra: We dont have a particular favorite designer, but we do have stores that we frequent on a regular basis like: Ann Taylor, Zara, Urban Outfitters, and ASOS.

Question 4: Who is your current STYLE crush?
Keelia/ Tamra: We love to keep up with other fashion bloggers. Currently, we are crushing on Wendy from Wendys Look Book and Tiffany Battle from The Werk Place.

Question 5: How do you pick the ensembles you display?
Our blog outfits consists of things we actually wear each day and also styled outfits for particular occasions. Ninety-nine percent of the time we really do wear the outfits we post on the blog. Its a real life fashion journal.

Question 6: What are some of your favorite boutiques to get your fashionable pieces?
We live in Atlanta so there are so many unique boutiques. Our favorite is Co-sign Resale Boutique off Howell Mill Rd. Every time we go we find so many designer gems.